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Latch-Together Cleanroom Systems for Fast Installation

AirLock Enclosure Systems Options

Government regulations and manufacturing standards now routinely require contamination control. Ensuring quality, protecting against airborne contaminants and temperature fluctuations, shielding against ultra-violet rays and isolating procedures are all operations which have become and integral part of manufacture in many industries.

You can quickly and reliably build a cleanroom of Class 100,000 to Class 10 with the AirLock Enclosure System from Simplex - AirLock can be custom designed for your application.

Simplex products are designed for fast and easy installation. They can be adapted to accept various filtration and lighting units. Wall can be constructed from a variety of materials, from soft, clear vinyls to colored and anti-static vinyls, as well as rigid ABS and clear Lexan sheets, screens and even aluminum panels.

Simplex, however, goes one step farther. We have a tradition of innovation. No other company introduces new products to the to the contamination control industry like Simplex. Recent product introductions include PolySim X1200, non-outgassing, static dissipative softwall; Dual-Pane, telescoping wall systems; and Sound Block, sound absorbing softwall. Simplex is dedicated to quality cleanrooms featuring the newest, most convenient features available.

Hospitals and Healthcare - Use AirLock for infectious disease control, inhalation and treatment rooms, in both positive and negative pressure environments. Simplex ultra-violet vinyls protect light-sensitive laboratory experiments.

Semi-conductor manufacturing - from mini-environments to large, self-contained cleanrooms, AirLock can provide a room of any size and classification. AirLock is designed to keep assembly areas free of contaminants and dust. Static-free and non-outgassing materials are also available.

Industrial and manufacturing - Use AirLock to create machinery enclosures, isolate welding operations, laser procedures, contain paint operations and construct sound booths.

Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing -Use AirLock for process isolation to prevent cross contamination and control humidity and temperature. AirLock can be adapted for Class 100,000 down to class 10 cleanrooms with positive or negative pressure.

Hazardous materials - Set up area isolation for emergency toxic waste cleanup and HazMat handling.


Food preparation and processing - AirLock adapts to virtually any configuration, including assembly lines and packaging. AirLlock walls and anodized aluminum frames wash down quickly and easily.

*Patent No. 4, 312,396. Other Patents Pending

AirLock Enclosure Systems Series 100

AirLock cleanrooms assemble quickly, with minimal use of tools! Many applications can be assembled in less than one hour. The latch-together system provides strong, positive connection walls, corners, ceilings - virtually every connection.

Because of the modular design, AirLock enclosures are equally effective in both permanent and temporary applications. They can be easily expanded or reconfigured to meet every-changing demands.

Basic Construction Features

  • Neoprene closed-cell foam gaskets seal frame-to-frame connections.
  • Vinyl inserts lock into frame with airtight seal; inserts cannot be knocked loose due to accidental impacts. Cleaning is quick and easy.
  • Frame construction with knock-together corners allows for replacement of individual parts.
  • Universal corner posts allow for all walls to be interchangeable for future expansion.
  • Ceiling frames latch into position in the same manner as the walls, and can be designed to accommodate various types of filtration and lighting units.
  • Lightweight aluminum frames are available in anodized clearcoat or epoxy powdercoat white.

Simple Latching System

AirLock's simple latching system means panels install and remove easily.

Click on the thumbnail for an animated demo of the latch-together system.

AirLock™ Enclosure Systems - Series 150

AirLock Model 150 rooms offer more interior square footage for larger work areas requiring environmental control.

The heavy-duty ceiling structure can accommodate a larger quantity of filtering units. The modular frame components are pre-drilled and are labeled for quick and easy assembly with a minimum number of fasteners.

AirLock model 150 uses standard AirLock Series 100 components with the addition of a heavy-duty integrated aluminum frame system consisting of 2" x 2" posts and heavy-duty 2" x 4" ceiling support struts and cross members. AirLock Model 150 is ideal for larger rooms where a suspended ceiling supported by an overhanging structure is not possible. The AirLock 150 model frame can be structurally designed and configured to adapt to various ceiling loads an interior room configurations.

Airlock Dividers and Wall Systems

Airlock wall panels can be used to divide existing rooms or to create rooms utilizing suspended ceilings. They attach easily and securely to existing ceilings, floors and walls with U-tracks. This system offers an economical and attractive alternative to high-cost construction that often requires permits. AirLock walls can also be designed as permanent or moveable walls for use as safety or privacy screens.


Free-stand panels can serve as privacy screens or safety dividers. Black panels confine laser procedures. Amber panels confine welding procedures.

Wall divisions of any size panel can be easily moved or added for future expansion.

Dual Pane Telescoping Wall System

Dual-Pane telescoping walls are designed for temporary isolation enclosures and dividers. They are ideal for maintenance work within functioning cleanrooms. They are lightweight and set up in seconds.

Double-sweep seals between sliding frames, and closed-cell gasketing ensure additional seals. Custom heights, frames finishes, gasketing and latches are available for different applications.

The Dual-Pane telescoping panels expand from six to as large as nine feet in seconds, using a cam-style locking mechanism.  Custom widths and heights are also available.

DualPane telescoping windows allow you to build a quality cleanroom in a minimal amount of space.


Door options

Single swing door

door Double door

Sliding door

Strip Door

Bifolding Curtain


Floor Attachments

Wall Cleats

Continuous Angle Stripping


Ceiling Support Options

Angle stiffeners

Aluminum support struts

Ceilings supported from structures above

Ceiling Style Options

Ceiling panels in the AirLock cleanroom can be designed with clear or colored vinyl inserts. Options in clude customized pre-cutout framed openings to accommodate various lighting and filtration units. Panels can also be supplied with an integrated 2" grid system that uses standard 2'x4' ceiling tiles and components. Comes fully installed and gasketed.

A 12' x 12' room with 2-inch T-grid ceiling with medium duty 1" x 4" support struts

Venting Options

Simplex offers several dif- ferent types of air venting and exhaust systems for either positive or negative pressure rooms
Stamped anodized aluminum Louvered Grill


Screen Mesh

Open Air Space

Ceiling frames or struts

AirLock Enclosure System Options

AirLock Options and Accessories

AirLock transportation carts, designed for safe and easy transportation of AirLock panels, can be custom designed to your factory doorways.

Flange glove port or exhaust ports can be easily adapted to system.



Airlock Applications and Configurations

Plenum rooms


Industrial applications

Production showrooms, trade show displays

Portable Auto Detail Stations

Ensure the quality of all your paint and body processes with process isolation enclosures from Simplex.

AirLock rooms assemble in less than an hour with minimal use of tools. Ideal for permanent or temporary use.

Prep Station - Used for general vehicle pre-paint preparation - wet sanding, tack-rag dust removal, taping, etc.

Clean Vehicle Prep Room - Attaches to paint booth in front of vehicle entry doors. Provides a dust-free environment for final masking, tacking and wipe down prior to entering booth.

Isolation Areas - Use enclosure to contain debris from welding, grinding and sanding processes. AirLock rooms can also be outfitted with filtration devices to contain harmful solvent fumes from stripping particles of fiberglass and other bodywork procedures.

Utility Enclosures - Free your paint booth by rolling recently painted cars into temporary, ultraclean shelters where paint can dry and cure completely. Smaller enclosures can also be used as clean area mixing rooms with direct access to paint booths from a clean environment.

  • Rooms can be built for custom applications
  • Enclosures work equally well in positive and negative pressure environments
  • All rooms can be fitted with a variety of filtration units
  • Heavy-duty models available for larger rooms and for supporting multiple filtration units.

*Patent No. 4, 312,396. Other Patents Pending